Pro Business Edge’s motivation is to aid the voluntary sector by supporting the enhancement and sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences across the sector locally and nationally.

By supporting the

ENGAGEMENT – in Training and Joint Working

DEVELOPING – of professional tool boxes and sharing practice forums

GROWTH – of the individual and teams knowledge, skills and experiences

EMPOWERMENT – of the staff and team to take pride in the service they offer and the impact they have on service uses.

We believe that any organisation who enhances the knowledge and/or experience of the individuals they employ, will positively impact the individual’s capacity to enhance the wider services.

We deliver a large portfolio of programmes in the North West of England, which will meet the needs of employees and organisations. We focus on developing programmes that are both engaging and practically transferable. These programmes come in the form of accredited training and bespoke programmes designed to meet the specific needs of those we work with.

Please contact us if you have any specific training needs that are not contained within this website.