Paul Hogan is a Director at Pro Business Edge and an active tutor within the organisation. Paul comes with a depth of experience and knowledge that encompasses both the voluntary and statutory sectors. He has postgraduate qualifications in both Sports Science and Youth & Community Work.

He brings both local, national and international understanding of the youth work, volunteering, professional and personal development sectors which provide a wide ranging knowledge base for clients to utilise. His role managing and coordinating large projects within both statutory and voluntary sectors, gives him vast knowledge in many areas, notably Health & Safety, Risk Assessment and Safeguarding.

Paul is passionate about the development of people, specifically the development of programmes that are engaging, empowering, enjoyable and that encourage participation whilst enhancing the individual’s enthusiasm for education and personal development.


Ryan Manville is a Director at Pro Business Edge and an active tutor within the organisation. Ryan brings vast experience and knowledge of working within both the private, public and voluntary sectors. He also comes with a depth of skills and qualifications including a postgraduate qualification in Fire and Leadership (Hons).  

Ryan’s experience comes from not only a Fire Safety background but also a medical with St Johns Ambulance. His career and education have also lead to him gaining a significant amount of (double space) management, leadership and business skills. Coming from a physical background Ryan also has a variety of qualifications in sports as well as teaching accreditations.

Helping people grow and develop is his passion in life and he is always willing to support people to reach their potential.  Ryan has worked with a wide range of people from various backgrounds and throughout the age ranges. He believes that by engaging and developing individuals he can help build relationships and create a safer, stronger and healthier community.