Pro Business EDGE alongside our Charity, Your EDGE, have been delivering Youth Work training and delivered the governments bursary scheme since 2015. Our programmes are delivered by a highly experienced team of higher education lecturers and youth workers. 

We believe that youth work training should be focused on the bringing together of theory and practice in order to support the development of reflective practitioners with a tool box allowing them to meet the needs of the sector and more importantly the young people they aim to support. We are focused on remaining aware of the changing needs of young people and the sector, while also holding the youth works principles and values at the heart of teaching.

We work with our apprentices and the employer to provide a learning space that is supportive of their requirements and stage of development which would include; face to face, classroom based, practical, online and observation. The aim we believe is to support brilliant people to do more of these brilliant things and understand how and why they are brilliant. 

We offer a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities to support the development of the workforce and to contribute towards ongoing quality improvements and improving the lives of children, young people, vulnerable adults and their family. As a NOCN, Highfield, AQA accredited centre, we offer a huge range of programmes that will support the learners development including, First Aid and Safeguarding. 

You can find further information about the Youth Support Worker Level 3 apprenticeship here; 

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If you are interested in any other youth work training including

– Introduction to youth work

– Youth Work Practice Level 2 Award

– Youth Work Practice Level 3 Certificate

– Youth Work Certificate in Professional Development Level 4

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